Just Say Yes – Part II

Many of you asked to see the documentation of the Just Say Yes chart in my classroom, so here you go! The top left photo is the original piece. You can the chart on the bottom, as well as the example on the top. I wrote about using Styrofoam in our classroom, and how the children ended up throwing it into the air and making quite a mess. Since it was out school-wide screen free week, the piece was hand written.

After reflecting on the piece as a team, we decided we wanted to expand, talk about what it mean to us, and share examples of when we say Yes or No. I put a long piece of paper up along with a typed version of the chart and a short explanation of the chart.

I clarified that the chart is much less black and white than it seems, and that we would all have different times we say Yes or No. I also invited parents to share their own examples on that piece of paper.

I wrote three examples to get it started. Already, a team member has added an example of her own.

I am looking forward to continuing to reflect on when we Say Yes to children, and challenging ourselves to do so even more than we already do. 

In our weekly classroom email I wrote a short paragraph on the documentation and why it is an important piece to me. I stated: ‘My ideal classroom is one where my presence enhances their play experiences, but isn’t integral in any way.’ I stand by this statement, and hope our classroom does and will continue to represent that.

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