Pretty Provocations


I contemplated continuing my “Pretty Provocations” thread on this blog, as I had on Teacher as a Researcher and decided to continue the theme. I think this year I have progressed the most in allowing freedom with materials, and feeling content with the mess and clutter that I am sitting in around 10:00 AM. But I have had the most response on these posts from other teachers, saying they need to see the before and after pictures that are often missing on pinterest-esque photos of provocations and classroom.

Because perfect, orderly, calm, and in place photos are not realistic – nor should they be. 

So I decided to continue the thread, and today’s provocation was a perfect example for the first Pretty Provocation thread.

My co-teacher put styrofoam in the sensory table, the first day back from just under two weeks off of school for winter break. We didn’t expect it to become so messy.

O: Why is it so sticky? Like tape…hey! S’s! S is for my moommy.”

L: It’s sticking to E’s hair and my hair but not your hair. Maybe because you have long hair.

N: Throw the snow!

E: Snow! Falling slowly.

We experimented with dropping the “snow” at the same time as plastic magnifying glasses and noticed the styrofoam fell slower. 

O: Maybe because it’s sticky.

E: Cuz it’s like snow.

I am pretty sure we will be cleaning up styrofoam for days. 

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